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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Why you must have a business website?

This is an era of flourishing businesses and engaged online community. Not surprising is the fact that many various enterprises still have no understanding of the importance of a business website. Some owners believe that properly maintained social media pages have true worth instead of having a website. As there are millions of social media users on the World Wide Web but still there are several reasons that make website development critically important for every business and needs to be included in the business plan right from the beginning of the project.


Website development means that you have the ability to have a control on the brand image. You are the sole owner of your website and can mold it according to your needs. However with social media, you are under the control of another brand and you have to follow their set of rules to continue with the promotion of your brand.


It is important to be visible and drive traffic to your website. Traffic directed to your website means that customers will understand your know about your unique identity and will read your profile to know about your services, products etc. Posting fresh content on your website blog carries significant importance as compared to engaging the users on social media pages.
Social media is expected to change rapidly as can be seen from the last few year changes in major social media networks. You can improve your visibility through your own platform. This is really useful for your business.
Prolonged existence
You are not sure whether the social media platforms will stay in business and for how long. Thus you must ensure that you stay powerful with a custom website design and get new business through your own corporate website. This is the need of the day.

Search engine optimization
SEO is a process in which the websites improve their search engine rankings to engage more customers and ultimately get better revenues. You must have your own website that should be ranked in the search engines with relevant links and updated content. This is not possible if you are present only on social media.
Thus it of sheer importance to have your own website with social media accounts linked to your website to increase visibility. You must hire a professional website development services provider to improve the growth of your business and earn better revenues than before.