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Thursday, 26 December 2013

How organic SEO work for your website in 2014

I was reading Matt Cutt's blog yesterday. I have read very important post regarding webmaster tool. Webmaster tool is working so efficiently and enhancing their options as you could remove irrelevant links like manual action. Here is the link of Matt Cutt's blog post

As we see consecutive changes of google algo in 2013,  so these changes has brought a real stop to the black hat SEO techniques. Well if someone says that the year of 2014 will put an end to SEO so that would be a wrong prediction, because most of the things are still same.

Content Quality: If we talk about the importance of content in a web application so its not going to loose its worth ever. A unique and of good quality content always makes its mark. Yeah the keyword trend is changing now now you have focus the interest and quality of content not keywords. So its more about human now not just search engines.

 Link Building: Well linkbuilding still has its dominant value to bring authority to your website but now links should be from relevant sites which really sounds natural. With this amazing approach google  has curb spam links built by linkbuilding tools.

Social Media: Social media is also an integral part of your online business. It helps alot in branding and marketing your products. The most popular platform of social media are facebook, twitter, google+ and linkdin.