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Thursday, 26 December 2013

How organic SEO work for your website in 2014

I was reading Matt Cutt's blog yesterday. I have read very important post regarding webmaster tool. Webmaster tool is working so efficiently and enhancing their options as you could remove irrelevant links like manual action. Here is the link of Matt Cutt's blog post

As we see consecutive changes of google algo in 2013,  so these changes has brought a real stop to the black hat SEO techniques. Well if someone says that the year of 2014 will put an end to SEO so that would be a wrong prediction, because most of the things are still same.

Content Quality: If we talk about the importance of content in a web application so its not going to loose its worth ever. A unique and of good quality content always makes its mark. Yeah the keyword trend is changing now now you have focus the interest and quality of content not keywords. So its more about human now not just search engines.

 Link Building: Well linkbuilding still has its dominant value to bring authority to your website but now links should be from relevant sites which really sounds natural. With this amazing approach google  has curb spam links built by linkbuilding tools.

Social Media: Social media is also an integral part of your online business. It helps alot in branding and marketing your products. The most popular platform of social media are facebook, twitter, google+ and linkdin.


Sunday, 17 November 2013

Process of Website design and software developments:

Website design and software development is a process of creating, launching and maintaining a website.  It is also a process of making it popular and more accessible by enhancing its ranking and visibility. All these activities seem to be simple but it is not a simple job. There are a lot of things that requires consideration because even a slightest error can destroy all the efforts.  This is why, hiring a website design and software development services is a best option. 
 In the era of electronic commerce and advanced technology internet marketing has dominated and due to easy accessibility and affordable expenses of the internet, everyone running after it. The website is an online identity of a person, business, or any brand over the internet market.  The aim behind the designing and development of the website is to present brand in such a way to attract more visitors, promote sales of the business, generate more business leads, and many more.  

Web designs can be complex or simple. Simple website is easy to develop but complex websites are in demand which needs perfect graphic designing and software development knowledge, tools, and techniques.  You need to hire a professional software designer or developer who is capable of building web 2.0 based website. Website design and software development revolve around various steps which are done by IT experts.  

The first and foremost step for software development is domain registration. The domain name is linked to product or services. A good domain name must be easy to read, unique, simple, and relevant so that visitors can get an idea about your business. After getting a domain website is being designed and created.  Both of them are important and needs technical expertise and knowledge.  Then a selection of the template is done. The layout, design and theme are finalized before putting items. 

A professional website design and software development company use advanced tools such as, CSS, NET, HTML, ASP, Java-Script, along with designing strategies. A website needs hosting services to start working. You need to hire website hosting services for launching it on the internet after connecting with the World Wide Web.  You can avail web hosting services easily at very affordable cost. 

The majority of the people assumed that the job of designer and developer is to create and launch the website successfully but it is wrong.  The developer has the responsibility of website maintenance. All business website needs to be upgraded and maintained properly. IT experts must keep an eye on every aspect of the website that impact on the overall progress of it. In the past, websites do not require advancement but now days you have to maintain it in order to remain in the online competition. 

At the bottom, the process of website design and software development also works to recover the websites if it will get down due to various unwanted reasons. Designing and development services have become essential to be surviving in the competition.  And hiring professional developer is essential to get interactive and feature-rich website.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

How to choose the best offshore service provider?

In the modern world, there are a number of companies that prefer outsourcing their work load. This not only save their time but also saves money. Companies do not need to hire the expert people for their work and get their work done. For this purpose companies outsource their work to the offshore service provider that has the expertise to do the work. Internationally, a number of offshore service providers are available, but the best thing is to get the right service provider that can provide exactly the same services as you want.  So while choosing the best offshore IT service provider, you should keep some essential points in mind like the technical knowledge, previous experience and feedback provided by some previous clients.

An offshore service provider should be responsible to perform all the administrative tasks of the company. Among offshore service providers, there are two groups. One group is known as the specialized service providers. These providers have specialized skills and expertise to perform a task. On the other hand another group of offshore service providers is known as universal service providers. Such service providers do not have any specialized skills to perform a task, but they can handle various kinds of tasks.

While hiring an offshore service provider, you must test his technical knowledge either it is suitable for you or not? You can the service provider for a paid test work. If you like his quality and services then you can go for a contract with the company. This will assure you the quality of the work you want as well as the time required to complete the work. The offshore service providers have specialized and skilled people to provide excellent work to the clients.   

When you hire an offshore service provider internationally, then there are huge chances to get the right person with the right skills. Just like the freelancers, there are many companies that are providing offshore services to the people. These companies must have a good reputation in the market. It is not so much difficult to find these companies. You can contact them with the help of different websites. You can also find these companies from a number of directories available online. Al most all the successful offshore service providers are available in these directories along with their contact addresses. These companies are responsible to provide you the best work as decided in the contract.

Among many other companies, OARANS is one of the best offshore service providers that offers high quality, efficient and excellent work in economic price. All the employees of the company are keen to work and provide excellent results.  

If you want to avail the offshore services, then you must contact OARANS the best offshore service provider. You will surely get good quality work on time. Along with this, you can get your work done in an economical price range.

OARANS is the best choice, if you want to get some offshore services.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Responsibilities of a software quality assurance officer

In a software house, there are a number of people that work to develop a single software. Some of them are software designers, some are software developers, some are technical writers and some perform the task of software quality assurance. All the members of a software house have their own duties and work like a team to complete only one task.

Just like a software developer and a software designer, providing an error free and better quality software is also the responsibility of a person dealing with software quality assurance. A quality assurance officer assures the quality and requirements of a software according to the requirement specification documents. In a software development, a quality assurance officer has the following responsibilities.

·   The first and foremost responsibility of a quality assurance officer is the preparation of test plans. QA testing may involve whit box testing or black box testing. It all depends upon the quality assurance officer. The only thing he has to assure that the software must pass all his tests successfully.

·   With the help of QA testing, a quality assurance officer will get some results. It is the duty of a quality assurance officer to record all the results and compare the actual results with the expected ones. He should also mark each test on the document that either it is passed by the document or not?

·    Using QA testing, a quality assurance officer must detect all the failures of a software so that they may be corrected by the software developer or designer.
·   The results should be analyzed through proper analysis.

·   If there are some issues in the software then the quality assurance officer should maintain a record of all the defect so that they may be reviewed by other consulting people.

·   A quality assurance officer should also perform a test to check the code of the software so that it can fulfill all the requirements of the clients.

·   It is the responsibility of a quality assurance officer to examine the code by a software development either the code is performing a correct function or not?
·   Another basic responsibility of a quality assurance officer during software development process is that, he has to test and maintain different networks of testing.

·   All the application instructions of software are also provided by the quality assurance officer on the behalf of the client.
·   The technical specification and application test plans should be documented in a professional manner.

  • Create meaningful error handling procedures for application code.
  • Provide standards to the software developer so that he can develop the software or the website according to the requirement specification document.
  • It is one of the duties of a quality assurance officer to check either the final product is meeting all the standards or not?
  • Different application security audits should be performed.
  • At the end, a quality assurance officer must provide reviews and conduct walk-throughs and inspections up to a satisfactory level. 

Thursday, 19 September 2013

How to provide Software Development Services?

Nowadays in the modern world, technical studies are becoming popular only because of the latest trends. If you are a technology student or you have completed your studies in information and technology subjects, then there will be many job opportunities for you. You can find a good job in any multinational company, but if you want to work at home without obeying your boss then there are also many other means.

There are many international companies that need an offshore IT services. You can provide your services to the international companies or the companies working outside your country. If you are eligible, then you can provide web development or softwaredevelopment services to these companies.

You can access these companies with the help of various famous sites. Various freelancing websites are available on the internet. If you do not want to work for a company or for a software house, you can go to these websites and access these companies that prefer outsourcing their work. There is a lot of work on web development on the internet for which you can provide your services and get paid.

If you provide your offshoreIT services without any broker, then you can get maximum pay and you do not need to give a share to anyone else. The only thing required to get maximum pay is that you should be capable enough to handle different clients from all over the world, meet their expectations and be responsive most of the time. All these activities will help you to acquire a good position, more and more projects and good relationship with your clients.

Offshore IT services are not only helpful for the freelancers, but it also provides many benefits to the companies as well. They can avail software development services according to their requirements at least decided price and time.

In the modern world, because of unemployment, there are many people who want to get some part time job. They can provide such services to other companies and get their payment. On the other hand, there are some students who want to get some work in order to complete their education and fulfill their needs. They can also for these jobs and provide their web development services.

Once you become experienced, got jobs and build good relationships with your clients, then you can make your own software house where you can provide employment to other people.

Providing offshore IT services is not an easy task, all the companies and clients prefer that they get the work done by an experienced, hard-working and sincere worker. You can show your hard-work if you know everything about how to build new sites and develop them.

So you can earn money to fulfill your daily expenses, if you have technological knowledge and ability to develop different websites and software. Once you should start working, later on you can find more and more work as you gain experience.

So try your best and choose a good livelihood.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Benefits of availing online web designing and development services

Designing and developing a website is not an easy task. The person who is an expert in different computer languages can develop a website. It is not necessary that a blogger or a website owner must be capable enough to develop a website. In some rare cases, it might be possible that a person, who runs multiple blogs, also have expertise in designing a website.

Web development and software development are two different processes. First of all, you must be clear about your requirements either you need a website or a software. There are a number of websites that can provide you Web development or web designing services. These services are not free of cost, but you have to pay for all these. Getting your work by online means is very helpful and beneficial for you. On the internet, you can also find different agencies that can provide you all the services for web designing, web development and software development.  It is up to you to find those agencies and have your work done.
A few benefits are given below..

·   You can get whatever you want. Just provide the information about the website or the software you need and you will get the same as it is either you need it for boggling or for business purpose.

·   By online services, you can have an eye on what the contractors are doing and how much project has been completed.

·   You can get the work in a specific period of time you have decided. You can also give the milestone to the contractor for the completion of the partial work.
·    You can ask for the sample work of the contractor. If the sample work satisfies you, then you can award the whole project to the contractor.

·   You are free to make partial or the full payment to the contractor.
·   One of the most important benefits of getting online web development service is that, you do not need to go anywhere. You can have your work completed simply sitting in the chair placed in your bedroom.

·   If you are a permanent client of any agency, then the agency will also provide you a discount or some beneficial attractive packages to avail services at reasonable prices.

·   For the remote contractors, you do not need to pay in cash. You can pay them by entering the credit card number.

·   Web designing or web development should be done by the professionals because they know the latest trend as well as they will make the website easy to use by its customers.

These are some of the benefits that can be availed by a person who wanted to get services for web development or software development. The web developer near your home may have limited skills, but you can get more advanced and highly efficient services from outsourcing your work to the people or agencies that are proficient and dealing with hundreds of clients. 

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Why you must have a business website?

This is an era of flourishing businesses and engaged online community. Not surprising is the fact that many various enterprises still have no understanding of the importance of a business website. Some owners believe that properly maintained social media pages have true worth instead of having a website. As there are millions of social media users on the World Wide Web but still there are several reasons that make website development critically important for every business and needs to be included in the business plan right from the beginning of the project.


Website development means that you have the ability to have a control on the brand image. You are the sole owner of your website and can mold it according to your needs. However with social media, you are under the control of another brand and you have to follow their set of rules to continue with the promotion of your brand.


It is important to be visible and drive traffic to your website. Traffic directed to your website means that customers will understand your know about your unique identity and will read your profile to know about your services, products etc. Posting fresh content on your website blog carries significant importance as compared to engaging the users on social media pages.
Social media is expected to change rapidly as can be seen from the last few year changes in major social media networks. You can improve your visibility through your own platform. This is really useful for your business.
Prolonged existence
You are not sure whether the social media platforms will stay in business and for how long. Thus you must ensure that you stay powerful with a custom website design and get new business through your own corporate website. This is the need of the day.

Search engine optimization
SEO is a process in which the websites improve their search engine rankings to engage more customers and ultimately get better revenues. You must have your own website that should be ranked in the search engines with relevant links and updated content. This is not possible if you are present only on social media.
Thus it of sheer importance to have your own website with social media accounts linked to your website to increase visibility. You must hire a professional website development services provider to improve the growth of your business and earn better revenues than before.