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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Responsibilities of a software quality assurance officer

In a software house, there are a number of people that work to develop a single software. Some of them are software designers, some are software developers, some are technical writers and some perform the task of software quality assurance. All the members of a software house have their own duties and work like a team to complete only one task.

Just like a software developer and a software designer, providing an error free and better quality software is also the responsibility of a person dealing with software quality assurance. A quality assurance officer assures the quality and requirements of a software according to the requirement specification documents. In a software development, a quality assurance officer has the following responsibilities.

·   The first and foremost responsibility of a quality assurance officer is the preparation of test plans. QA testing may involve whit box testing or black box testing. It all depends upon the quality assurance officer. The only thing he has to assure that the software must pass all his tests successfully.

·   With the help of QA testing, a quality assurance officer will get some results. It is the duty of a quality assurance officer to record all the results and compare the actual results with the expected ones. He should also mark each test on the document that either it is passed by the document or not?

·    Using QA testing, a quality assurance officer must detect all the failures of a software so that they may be corrected by the software developer or designer.
·   The results should be analyzed through proper analysis.

·   If there are some issues in the software then the quality assurance officer should maintain a record of all the defect so that they may be reviewed by other consulting people.

·   A quality assurance officer should also perform a test to check the code of the software so that it can fulfill all the requirements of the clients.

·   It is the responsibility of a quality assurance officer to examine the code by a software development either the code is performing a correct function or not?
·   Another basic responsibility of a quality assurance officer during software development process is that, he has to test and maintain different networks of testing.

·   All the application instructions of software are also provided by the quality assurance officer on the behalf of the client.
·   The technical specification and application test plans should be documented in a professional manner.

  • Create meaningful error handling procedures for application code.
  • Provide standards to the software developer so that he can develop the software or the website according to the requirement specification document.
  • It is one of the duties of a quality assurance officer to check either the final product is meeting all the standards or not?
  • Different application security audits should be performed.
  • At the end, a quality assurance officer must provide reviews and conduct walk-throughs and inspections up to a satisfactory level. 

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