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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Dynamic or Static Websites – Which one is Better

Web page can be designed in two ways: Static and dynamic. Static pages are used in the same way as they are stored and dynamic pages are generated by using different web application tools. However the data displayed on these pages remain same in both cases.

The major difference between static and dynamic website is the programming language. A dynamic website has more features as compared to static website. But in case of upgrading the static website, more time is consumed as compared to CMS based websites.  In dynamic website, changes can be made even if the site is live.

Static websites are easy to create and involve less time and cost but their future upgrades require more cost are less attractive for many business.  Both static and dynamic website have their advantages and dis advantages therefore it is necessary that before starting a project, web design company should communicate the client about static and dynamic website design.


  1. If you need simple & less functional website then you should go with static website & If you want multi functional website then you should go with dynamic website design.

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