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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Security Measures for Google Chrome Users

Viruses and malware attacks are a part of online world now. Google shared some of the secure browsing tips with users so that they can protect themselves from malware and other cyber threats. Some of the safety tips are mentioned below:

·         For securing browsing, Google protect your personal information and display a warning message in case of phishing and malware protection.

·         Saving your password on Google chrome is safe as Google does not allow anonymous or unreliable person to use Windows.

·         Custom syncing is the best option to save your passwords away from hackers. This tool protects your Google Chrome from further potential threats as well.

·         Google sent you a verification code when you set up an account. This tool prevents spammers from registration.

·         Security extensions keep away irrelevant and irritated advertisements that are directed to malware or viruses.

Keep your security measures up to dated and in case of any virus attack contact best web development team immediately. 

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