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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Android Apps of the year 2013 (Part 1)

2012 was the year for Android phones and because of the rapid development and exposure, now developers are also taking it seriously. Some of the best web application development tools  that you can use in 2013 are:

·         Google Chrome:
Google chrome browser is now developed for android phone and you can take information form users’ desktop when signed in.  You can easily use Google Chrome app and open many browsers in it, just like desktop view.

·         Flip board for Android phone:
Flip board is a reading app through which you can search the categories you want. This application gives you full newspaper and magazine view.

·         BBC iPlayer:
This iPlayer device can allow users to view TV where ever they go. It is easily available and the application is easy to download as well. It can broadcast different models including Virgin, Sky and BBC.

·         Sonos:
It is wireless music systems that help you stream music from different zones. The speakers are activated with the tap of your screen.

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