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Monday, 11 February 2013

Some Free Tools that will Help you Analyze your Website Performance

The loading time of the website is the most irritating thing for a website visitor. It not only distracts customers, it also makes them switch to some other website. I have mentioned some top 5 speed testing tools that will make your website design loading time faster:

·         Google Page Speed:
Supported by Google, this tool checks your website performance by using Google chrome browser extension. It also provides good information about website speed on mobile device.

·         Web Page Test:
It provides detailed information about website performance in IE, Firefox or chrome.

·         Website Performance Test:
This tool is supported by BrowserMob. It gives you complete information about page weight, loading time and page count. It gives you clear picture of how your website is working.

·         Pingdom:
It is a popular website monitoring service that provides complete report on performance downloading and grading.

·         Fastest Loading Search Engine:
It compares loading time of two browsers at a time. It is also a good way to know which website is working better.

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  1. Well I think these are good list of free tools that can help check your website uptime and performance. And choose tools that you want to use and suit on your website. In my case I choose as my monitoring tool.